I couldn't find a reference for aikiken, but for aikijo Saito sensei shows the hasso no kame with the jo behind his head as can be seen in this from one of his books. If we assume the stance is the same for jo and bokuto, then I would say that the form in the first video should be the correct one.


Here's the thing about real sword fights, Spinning and acrobatic tricks are largely useless because they waste energy. At 13:09 Dooku was using a divert blade maneuver then spin, to place a blade tip thrust. taking ones eyes off an opponent During a clash is very likely to leave the spinning fighter dead with a blade through their back.. Granted the addition ...


The straigt answer is : no, there are no disembowelling techniques in Kendo. Today's Kendo is detached from its original martial purpose (which is nodawady found partially in the Kenju-tsu practice). A reminescence from such a technique is the "Do" strike which is intended to cut you in half. The modern Kendo is the fruit of the principles ...

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