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When a fighter becomes unconscious in competition, what usually happens to them before they are medically clear to train and fight again?

Any sanctioned event will have event medical staff on hand to revive competitors immediately if they do not regain consciousness on their own. Medical staff may recommend hospital treatment. There are ...
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Is it common for MMA fighters to fight with fractures?

I don't know what the UFC's exact protocols are, but to reliably find all possible fractures, you'd have to do whole-body X-rays, and I'm pretty sure they don't do that. Then you'd also have to do ...
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First aid for small injuries

You list two distinct types of injuries which require different kinds of avoidance (which I think is the key: avoiding the injuries to begin with, yes?) In one, you mention the kicking pads. We use ...
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First aid for small injuries

Get the Be Careful Badge. That is it. When you grow old, your body takes time to recover from injuries that you shrugged when you were younger.
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Knocked Out but not Knocked Unconscious?

A Technical Knockout (TKO) only really exists in the context of sport, and refers to a set of circumstances which are considered equivalent to a knockout in the context of a match. It is not a medical ...
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Can a fighter with a healing fracture or dislocation get medically cleared to fight?

Here is my attempt at answering this question based on the research I have done, happy for others to comment or add another better answer. On this website, fractures incur a 180 day medical suspension,...
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Did Jujutsu invent the Heimlich Manoeuvre? If so, when?

Jujutsu Schools all have a Kyusho "striking point" chart. You would aim for these points when attacking in order to do the most damage i.e. the solar plexus. Some of those points were used for ...
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Knocked Out but not Knocked Unconscious?

Technical Knockouts(TKO) does not imply the person is actually knocked out. It just means they are unable to continue.
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How can I speed up the recovery of a bruised leg?

I would like to throw in another view I found effective and, considering the explanation behind that, coherent: A physiotherapist once told me that while cooling directly after the blunt trauma is of ...
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