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Use for questions about the mental state, emotions, or motivation. See also meditation.

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How to fight even when exhausted?

This is especially important to me because my instructor has us wear masks so I tire much more easily. One of my biggest killers in exhaustion. My instructors have this idea that you should be able to ...
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why a perfect expert and trained taekwondo player or martial artist fear fights?

I would like to know why martial artists who believe in their training and technique still have a deep fear of engaging in a fight, or losing a match.
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Is it possible to fight while unconscious?

In some anime or manga, characters have powers like berserk or the exceptionally strong will to fight even after he or she fainted. For example, Rock Lee from anime Naruto can do it with his muscle ...
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Does "do" v. "jutsu" naming reflect Daoist influence?

I have read about the naming changes in Japanese martial arts, with a shift from jutsu (術) to do (道) reflecting a supposed shift in emphasis from fighting techniques to a quest for mental and physical ...
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Improving Skills with Mental Training

I do boxing for several years in a gym. Besides physical training, it also includes sparring with an opponent. Since boxing, like most martial arts, relies on quick reflexes rather than thinking, I ...
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18 votes
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Is being angry a prerequisite for sparring?

My sensei says while sparring you should express your inner tiger. My understanding is that I should be savage and angry. But I don't like being angry! Is it possible to be good at sparring without ...
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How can I practice any martial art if I have difficulty with motor and coordination skills?

I would like to practice a martial art full time for the sake of getting fit and dealing with my personal issues, but the problem is that I don't have much coordination with my body, and I can't ...
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Controlling my emotions during sparring

I'm currently a yellow belt but I'm sparring with brown, red and black belts. Of course I'm not as good as they are so during sparring I get emotional and frustrated very quickly... I know it's silly ...
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Harnessing emotion during sparring

I find that sometimes when I'm sparring, particularly if I'm sparring someone around my own level of ability, I can get quite riled up - particularly if I take a heavy hit. This gives me a serious ...
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How can one maintain or rekindle discipline and passion in martial arts?

As I understand it, you have to have a passion for the path you choose when learning martial arts, and it is a life long process. But I have met people who's passion dwindled and they no longer had ...
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