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While the femoral artery is a potentially lethal target, Silver is not discounting that. There are artery's in the arms, and every place he mentions. He points out that a thrust may not do the damage one would expect from a cut. He's telling you to not rely on thrusts at all, but rather rely on cuts. As for avoiding the leg, Silver, all the Bolognese ...


I can't answer this is in the realm of dueling and fencing, but the experience of the US military fighting Moro rebels in the Philippines is relevant. In the Moro Rebellion, Moro Muslim Juramentados in suicide attacks continued to charge against American soldiers even after being shot. Soldiers would shoot the Moros and mortally wound them, but this ...


I'm afraid that you'd have to ask the people at the rapier class you attended, because not all HEMA practioners outlaw a Sixte. It is possible that they don't actually have anything against a Sixte, but you were practicing a Quarte, so they were simply chiding you to follow the drill.


My understanding is that damage to the femoral artery (in each leg) would be very serious. Here's an ESPN story about a death from femoral artery damage, (albeit from a gunshot wound, so that's a pretty severe injury). My understanding is that severing either of the femoral arteries would cause and immediate drop in blood pressure that would cause the ...

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