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Yes, it matters. If you roll with a punch, you absorb less kinetic energy from the punch than if you stand still and receive the blow. Where you absorb the kinetic energy matters too. If someone punches you in the solar plexus, this impairs your breathing. If someone punches you in the arm, it just hurts.


The only way to stop people like this is to hurt them badly enough that they will leave you alone, and if you really think his friends will be a problem you need to hurt him enough to scare them. It would probably violate the Code Of Conduct to give more explicit advice.


Welcome, Mike. It is NOT 'being a baby' to ask for help in your situation. Being victimised in this way can be a horrible, distressing experience. You don't deserve to be going through it. You need help, and the smartest thing for you to do is to seek help. There is absolutely no shame in this. You don't have to answer the following questions, but if you do, ...


It seems that this guy is using you as a wooden dummy and that he does not intend to hurt you (given the information that you are still able to type after recieving 100's of punches and kicks from him). With this in mind, you can try to fight back as fast and as hard as possible. The essential thing would be not to lose confidence so that you can continue on ...


I think you should look into the Keysi Method. It is really hard to explain, but maybe you could ask someone else on the site. it is designed for multiple opponents.

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