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How do I spar with this guy?

Firstly, unless you are at a competition - sparring is not a competition, or a fight Unless you are some sort of martial arts god - you are going to get hit I can't count the number of students who ...
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Is it wrong if I don’t want to spar in taekwondo?

Nothing is wrong with not wanting to spar, but in order to make progress, yes, you must spar. Sparring makes you learn things you don't learn in other aspects of the art, such as footwork, timing, and ...
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How do I spar with this guy?

There is definitely a lot of upside to sparring fighters who are better than you, it's the same idea as if you don't challenge yourself you won't get better. However, if you are sparring this guy and ...
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What is the best way to Spar? (radori, kumite)

This is two questions. The first question asks if light sparring / play sparring is a better way to train than heavy sparring. And the second question asks whether traditional martial arts had this ...
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How does a person who just watches youtube videos to learn martial arts beat me in sparring?

Steve Weigand's answer is correct, but I would like to add that "a few months" isn't really enough to learn your martial art. Once you have a black belt, after perhaps three years of ...
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