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There is an old russian wisdom - "who don't take risks would not drink champaign". If you are aware of brain trauma, maybe it would be better to pick something other - without intensive full-contact punches to the head. Muay-Thai (along with boxing and KB) do allow strict strikes to the head with arms. And that work is usually very intensive. And, ...


This is normal for Taekwondo. Aggression is far preferred to defense. You don't get points by waiting for them to come to you. And you don't get points for blocks. So TKD's main game is to always be on the attack. At least when continuous sparring, not when 3 point limit sparring. I talked a little about this in some of my previous answers. First, in the ...


He is moving quite slowly and favours a front kick. You can bet he will use a front kick against you. So train to deal with that.


You will not telegraph the moment of your attack This is the same reason for Taekwondo, western boxing (think Ali), or karate. If you are in a static stance, you have to shift weight before being able to gain momentum and cover distance. If you bounce, you can subtly change your stance and attack each moment you are on the way down as soon as you touch the ...

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