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Switch instructors. Unless this instructor is like... an Olympic level coach with decades of experience and you really love the sport, just go look for other instructors. We had a ton of kids from Korea switch over to here a couple years ago because there were a couple younger instructors (my coach likes to call them 21 year old hotshot who thinks they know ...


The implicit question is: is your grandson's punishment disproportionate to his mistake? Well, consider that if you're not seeing eye-to-eye with the instructor, one possibility is that your perception of the punishment is higher than the instructor's, another is that your perception of you grandson's mistake is lower than the instructor's. For starters, let'...


I don't think you can categorically judge taking a belt away in response to a behavioral situation as appropriate or not, anymore than you can judge throwing a roundhouse kick in response to a combat situation. Execution matters. Intent matters. Many people have pointed out that doling out punishment in order to curb undesirable behavior is ineffective. But ...


This may require a discussion between the instructor and your son, but try gently incorporating live resistance. A compliant partner just going through the motions of a choreographed sequence will fall at the wave of a hand. But overcoming resistance requires the application of power and technique.

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