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Is it possible to improve without sparring?
4 votes

You can certainly get better without sparring. Your movements will become more fluid, and you’ll have better mechanics than before–by hitting the bag and shadowboxing. However, you’ll be at a ...

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Why numerous martial artists break their legs while throwing roundhouse kicks to opponent's legs?
3 votes

Incorrect kicking mechanics. I’m a Muay Thai practitioner, and have never noticed a Thai break their leg in Thailand. This might be because in Muay Thai, we are taught to kick from the hip with a ...

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What is the value in preserving traditional martial arts in the mixed martial arts era?
2 votes

The Martial Arts are encapsulated forms of culture and tradition that usually preserve older methods of training. For example, training Silat in Malaysia with a good teacher will not only allow you to ...

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"Watch the shoulder"?
1 votes

That's a good approach. But things move fast in there when you're sparring with professionals. They may throw combinations in bunches, and you won't get a chance to see the shoulders. Personally, I ...

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Is speed ball really effective?
1 votes

The traditional speed ball with a platform is very effective if you plan to compete in western boxing or just want to simply get better at it. The reason is that the speed ball helps train your ...

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Kick with front leg vs. back leg
0 votes

The ideal situation would be to have both options. But if your back kick is strong enough, and your timing is good. You'll be very hard to beat in a fight. Here's one of my favorite fighters: Samkor ...

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