Humanistic background - Foreign Languages and Literatures at the Lyceum. Almost visceral love for all arts, written, painted, thought and socially practiced. I see science as a form of art and art as a form of science, for there's always a profound beauty within both.

Informatics enthusiast and geek, until end of February 2014 I have assisted Scientists at the Department of Clinical Research and Veterinary Public Health of the University of Bern with my IT skills. In particular, I more often worked with the Institute of Genetics and the Neurocenter/Institute of Experimental Research. I often underline the bond between Arts and Science. I would like my career to develop in Arts and/or Academics. If you are considering flexible, committed and responsible candidates for your projects, I would be glad to undertake any kind of challenge or test.

I have experience in different fields of applied Informatics: Academy, Visual Art, Theatre scenography and digital live direction, Interactive installations and more. My technical background is duly described on LinkedIn.

Other, more superficially addressed fields of my interest are art, medicine, biology, psychology, pharmacodynamics and theology.

My Informatics are not of those that delivered this century's total disvaluation of human resources through their capability to enhance leadership, void productivity (do not misunderstand this, productivity is one of my values) as only the most high-tech of sciences could.

My Informatics are more comparable to craftmanship. I help you to transform your ideas into instantaneous, unique personalized tools. Be it for the calculations needed for a scientific research.

Or be it for art. For art's sake.

All of this, at a forever honest price, since all of us are obliged, besides the aspiration to achieve great results within great teams, to be humbly supposed to make a living out of it.

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