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Vulnerable targets on the human body

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Is 'pressure point' striking a useful skill to know in a street fight?

And if so how far into human anatomy should you go? I know obviously aim for the jaw or back of the ear, and know certain spots on the body like the liver and solar plexus for winding the person. Does ...
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Which pressure points are easy reachable for attack?

What I do know about pressure points are some points of body where vital attack could break the nerve system and make human less conscious about surrounding. but most of them are very behind of ...
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How do you knock someone out using pressure points?

I have seen videos on youtube, but none of them go into detail on how to knock someone out via pressure points.
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How to recover from (or defend against) pressure point strikes?

I have been studying pressure point striking lately, and in particular those that immobilize limbs, such as striking the femoral nerve. I feel it important to understand how to defend against such ...
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Finding the forearm pressure point in Aikido's yonkyo grip?

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to find the pressure point on the forearm with which to do yonkyo. Does anyone have any tips on how to find the right spot? I understand yonkyo doesn't necessarily ...
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Why Do Pressure Points Work Differently Against Different People?

In Hapkido we do a great deal of training with various pressure point techniques. These include pinches that hit a nerve (e.g., on the inside of the leg or on the outside of the elbow) or strikes that ...
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