Is there a way to use Krav Maga for stopping experienced taekwondo warrior using Krav Maga drills? In Krav Maga dojo there is a black belt taekwondo who has also orange belt in Krav Maga. Are there any drills that we can use to stop him. We tried stop kicks but his kicks are so fast that it is too late. We assume that closer sparring will be a benefit for us but we can't reach inside. We look for ways to stop him in sparring and in street fights. You can refer to the following link to feel our challenges.

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    There are two ways to deal with these kicks: don't be there Daniel-san; or step in. His kicks might be quick, but they're not as quick as a step in. – slugster Jul 31 '16 at 13:38
  • Thanks a lot @slugster, Karatekid is always my inspiration. However, how can I be sure that my step in is faster than his kick? He can change kick angel and hit with the knee or maybe faster than my step (since I keep a distance of more than a leg not to be hit) – Avi Jul 31 '16 at 15:03
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    keeping that distance is the problem - it is ideal for your opponent. When you close in he might still kick but the effectiveness/power of that kick (if it hits you) will be vastly reduced, and he will end up jammed and off balance. All it takes is practice and some courage. And in those videos you linked, every single one of those TKD fighters telegraphs their kick, you just have to learn to be calm and spot it coming - once again that comes down to courage and practice. (I say "courage" because you need to overcome the natural instinctive reaction to back away). – slugster Jul 31 '16 at 21:56

Burst and fight close. That is the strength of Krav Maga and the weakness of Tae Kwon Do. Coming from someone who has trained in both. There's no such thing as a counter to any style that doesn't require some level of skill and timing.

Instead of trying to block kicks, if you want to get close, bait him until he fires one without actually committing to getting close, then jam his follow-up (you'll probably still take a bit of a hit, that's the cost of fighting someone faster than you...) and tie up for kneees/elbows/grappling.

  • Thanks a lot @CharlesBeer, as you said we need to take a very high risk since he is very fast. Can you add video for demonstrating your offered approach? – Avi Jul 31 '16 at 6:15
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    The first piece of the first video here is close to what I'm talking about. They kind of skip through it to the more standard roundhouse defense which I'm guessing you're trying right now. But, the key is to control the range of the fight so that you stay just close enough to make him try a kick, but far enough out that you can duck away from the first kick and burst in. link – Charles Beer Jul 31 '16 at 18:58

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